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Travel & Directions to CIC 2015


However you’re traveling to the CIC 2015, it’s easy tofind us


Dear guests of CIC,

We want to welcome you to the second annual CICmeeting, this year at the ancient capital of China, Nanjing. The informationbelow will help you in navigating your way to the conference. We want to remindall our foreign guests to get their entry visa to China in advance of arriving. 


The China Innovations in Cardiology2015 (CIC2015) willbe held at Nanjing (Near Shanghai):

Address in English:

Address in Chinese

Zhongshan Hotel

307 Zhongshan East Rd

Xuanwu, Nanjing, Jiangsu






邮编 210016



Meet Our Representative

CIC Welcome Desks shall be available at theShanghai Pudong International Airport, Nanjing Lukou International Airport,Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, and Nanjing South Railway Station. Followour CIC sign, and ask for assistance from any of our staffs, they will guideyou to the CIC 2015 conference center.

FromLukou International Airport, Nanjing

The CIC 2015 conference center (ZhongshanHotel) is served by two major airports: Lukou International Airport (Nanjing)and Pudong International Airport (Shanghai), regular flights are available froma huge number of European and International cities. Lukou airport isapproximately thirty miles away from the CIC conference center, so easilycommutable by taxi (costs about RMB¥120, equal to USD $20).


FromPudong International Airport, Shanghai


There are number of excellent bus servicesin Pudong International airport, you can either take airport shuttle bus Line #1(costs RMB¥30, about one and half hours) from airportbus station to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station (in Chinese上海虹桥火车站), or taxi (costs RMB¥250, one hour).


Hongqiao Railway Station has a fast train (inChinese动车) service to Nanjing South Railway Station(in Chinese 南京南站火车站) (the nearest train station to CIC conferencecenter), a single ticket should cost around RMB¥229.5-429.5.


FromSouth Railway Station, Nanjing

Taxis are normally available from theRailway station and the journey should cost around RMB¥50.


If you have any questions or needassistances, our CIC staff can be reached at:



WuDi (Pudong/ LukouInternational Airport)

Cell phone: +86-18333637347


Looking forward to hosting you in Nanjingsoon.


CIC Committee

23rd May 2015