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CIC2015Summit presentation

CIC Summit is an annual discussion and exchange of information on cutting-edge technologies in the field of cardiovascular organized by CIC. CIC summit is the first step to a successful transformation of Chinese medicine towards the summit's aim is to discuss the clinical needs of patients and China, and these requirements into clinical products, and finally realize the benefit of the patient in mind. Summit's mission is: to help clinical experts, government officials, industry representatives and investors to build a platform for mutual exchange, we go through this platform collaborative research, co-development, co-transformation of clinical products for the needs of Chinese patients.


June 2015, the second session of the CIC Summit will be held in China. The conference will continue the pattern of previous innovation roundtable discussion, providing the freedom to speak their minds in a discussion platform for all participants. We will focus on the most investment value of the current field of structural heart disease booth seven hot topic discussions will be invited to the engineer on behalf of a number of innovative medical companies and clinical experts to demonstrate this innovative product solutions from idea to clinical experience by top international experts to discuss the clinical and reviews. We believe that through discussion of such cases, brainstorming ways to greatly facilitate the feasibility from idea to clinical solutions, while the mining project investment value, and clinical experts, government officials, business representatives and investors to build a mutual exchange the platform, we go through this platform cooperative research, development cooperation, cooperation transformation of clinical products for the needs of Chinese patients.

Summit hot topic
● percutaneous aortic valve implantation
● percutaneous pulmonary valve implantation
● mitral valve implantation
● tricuspid valve implantation
● left atrial appendage occlusion
● drug stents
● New Pacemaker

Innovation Summit in the form of discussion
Foreign companies have innovative ideas, designers introduce product-related clinical personnel preliminary animal experiments, clinical trials