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This forum taked on the format of round table discussions instead of lecturing. We will run twohour modules to focus on ten medical indications as listed herby.  Each attendee will have an opportunity toparticipate in five modules of his/her interest. Each module will be led byleading medical experts as speakers and moderators. The speakers will presentthe latest technological trends, approaches andthoughts to a specific indication as a background for the ensuing discussion.The moderators will then lead and facilitate the discussion, focusing on theChina patient and healthcare needs of that specific indication. Attendees willhave the full opportunity to interact with key opinion leaders, industryexperts and with each other to share perspectives and experiences,challenge our thoughts and open our minds. We believe debate and brainstorming is best to encourage creativity,build consensus, set directions and find better solutions for our patients. Wewill track the discussion outcome for potential scientific research and productdevelopment opportunities.  We will alsotake advantage of this gathering to build connections between healthcareprofessionals, the industry and investment community so as to facilitatefurther discussions that may lead to collaborative opportunities to worktogether to translate concepts discussed at this forum into product designs.